About Us


Thank you for visiting WeldingClassesNearMe.com! My name is Ryan Mason and I am an experienced welding hobbyist. While I do not have official training in welding, it’s always been of interest to me. It’s a job industry that is greatly growing, and I wanted to further be a part of it by providing this resource for people seeking official training, certifications, and jobs.

My goal with WCNM (abbreviation for this site) – is to provide an education one-stop-shop for folks looking to further their welding careers. My team has done our best to keep the user interface of the site simple, and keep information at folks fingertips.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:
Email: Ryan.Mason@weldingclassesforme.com
Phone: 281-398-7111

Thanks again,

Ryan Mason