Best Welding Gloves of 2018 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Welding is a very vital process in any industry which uses metals in large amounts. Yet it is a dangerous process and the lack of proper safety against welding flashes as well as the sparks and fumes can lead to quite a lot of physical and mental damage to the worker, in some cases being fatal too.

Thus, it is very important to use safety tools while welding so that one can take out the best from the process without causing diseases. It is very important to protect one’s hands while welding, as the sparks can cause critical burns and even make the person disabled and losing function of his hands.

Things one needs to check out while buying welding gloves for absolute peace-of-mind:

  • We can keep our hands safe while welding by using heavy-duty gloves which are fire and heat resistant to allow for continuous welding even when there are lots of sparks.
  • The gloves should be made out of lightweight material in order to allow for continuous use without tiring the hands.
  • We also need to check the ventilation of these gloves so that our hands do not reach uncomfortable temperatures due to the heat generated during welding process.

How To Decide Which Gloves Are Best For You

On this note, we look at some welding gloves which provide and satisfy most of the criteria given above.In no particular order, the 5 welding gloves to be reviewed today are:

  • US Forge 400 Lined Leather Welding Gloves.
  • Lincoln Electric KH641 Leather Welding Gloves.
  • Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove.
  • US Safe Sparks Welding Gloves.
  • Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove.

We will look at each glove in detail and will also see if they meet our above criterion in detail.

US Forge 400 Lined Leather Welding Gloves.

91dtatvEoLL._SL1500_The US Forge 400 aim to provide complete comfort as well as protect the hands from the dangerous sparks and molten metal coming from welding processes. The gloves are made using soft and supple leather to provide for ease of use while welding for longer periods. US Forge has used its years of experience to further make the Forge 400 an excellent welding glove by adding an internal cotton liner for increased comfort and protection.

The gloves feature a unique lock stitching process, which ensures a tighter grip and allows the gloves to be used roughly. The gloves also have reinforced frictional areas in order make the glove durable and wear and tear resistant. The gloves are flame-resistant and the leather is thicker to protect the hands from heat and burns. The US Forge 400 gloves also protects the hands from the dangerous ultraviolet rays which can be fatal for the skin and is found to cause cancers.

You can get the US Forge 400 gloves in blue color with prices ranging from $10 to $13 online as well as in stores.

Editor Note: Easy and cheap. Leather welding gloves built to last.

Lincoln Electric KH641 Leather Welding Gloves.

A1Pz0YQIgwL._SL1500_The Lincoln Electric KH641 gloves have a long-style design to give the wrists as well as the upper arms protection from welding sparks and flames. They are made of soft leather with lining in the inner parts of the gloves to allow for more grip and comfort while working those long hours.

The gloves feature lock-stitch construction and is very durable for heavy-duty usage. The seams are welted to make sure that the gloves do not tear off even in application of a large amount of force. The gloves are flame and heat resistant while also lightweight for an easy usage process.

The gloves are available in grey color and can be bought both online and from hardware stores in the range of $10-$15.

Editor Note: If you’re in the welding industry, then you know the quality that Lincoln Electric puts out. Expect the same with these gloves and be confident you made the right move.

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove.

51DRv9sZXBLThe Lincoln Electric Traditional Welding Gloves feature a dual-tone black and red color scheme with flame decals for those welders who like to be stylish everywhere, everytime. The gloves are made up of high-quality cowhide for easy usage as well as for fire and heat and heat resistance. The inner part of the gloves have a sock lining for more comfort as well as for proper ventilation.

The gloves have a special Kevlar stitching with welted seams to ensure durability even after years of usage. They also feature protection against ultraviolet rays and also feature OSFM technology. They are suitable for welders with MIG setups too.

The Lincoln Electric Traditional gloves come in a stylish finish and can be bought in stores or online within the price range of $14-$20.

Editor Note: We’re diggi nthe visual on these dual tone welding gloves, how about you? It keeps things cool, but we really like the kevlar stitching.

US Safe Sparks Welding Gloves.

91vRiudE7OL._SL1500_The US Safe Sparks gloves have a dual-toned color scheme and is made up of superior quality cowhide. The gloves feature extra padding for support to the hands while working and the interiors are also lined with cotton for extra comfort. The lining also provides ventilation to keep the hands at a normal temperature while working on hot welds.

The gloves feature Kevlar stitching which is also double-stitched to ensure that the gloves can take a rough beating without any wear or tear. The gloves are also fire and heat resistant for protection against welding hazards. They also feature ultraviolet protection which protects skin from various types of dermatological diseases.

The US Safe Sparks gloves are sold online and in stores between the price range of $17 to $26.

Editor Note: Another 2 tone option to change things up. UV protection that these provide is pretty great, long term exposure to strong UV rays is quite scary. Skin cancer and many other risks.

Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove.

41tkuAOM9DLThe Miller 264433 Welding Gloves are made using the best quality cowhide with inner lining for superior grip as well as increased comfort. They also have a two toned color scheme consisting of black and blue colors. The gloves have also have a double padded palm and wrist regions for greater support for long hours of welding.

The gloves feature double stitching for keeping up with prolonged usage. The gloves are made of of flame and heat resistant materials for added protection and also features a longer length to keep the wrist as well as the lower arm safe from welding sparks.

The Miller gloves usually sell online and in markets for around $20 to $25.

Editor Note: Cowhide Miller welding gloves designed for the high heat of MIG welding.

Welding Glove Review Wrap-Up

Overall we see that the gloves mentioned here fulfill the criterion given above and provide the required comfort, protection as well as ventilation to work for longer times without tiring our hands. These gloves are cheap too, so there is ultimately no reason left to work bare-handed while welding. A bit of safety can go a long way in making lives better and the same thing applies here too. A $20 glove will go a long way to keep the welder safe, comfortable which will result in productivity peaking as the worker can work freely without fear of getting harmed by the process of welding. He can instead use the welding process to his advantage, by completing his work fast and also will experiment to find the best weld for the given metal.

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