Best Welding Tables of 2018 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Any heavy industrial work requires proper tools to be able to continue the work in a fast, efficient and comfortable manner. It is more so required in a precise procedure such as welding. People often give focus to the welding device as well as the protection equipment, like helmets and gloves, but they often forget to give focus on their working space. An improper welding table results in many inefficiencies in the welding process, along with many safety hazards.

Thus, it is very important to look around for a good welding table, and this fact has even been confirmed by renowned plasma cutters. It has been proven innumerable times that a welder can do a lot more when he/she is provided with a good plasma cutting table, and on that note, we look at the top welding tables available at the market today.

Top welding tables available, in no particular order:

  • Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table, Model-TS3020.
  • Miller Electric ArcStation Workbench.
  • Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table, Model-TS3020FK.
  • Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint Table, Model-TBHK200

We take a closer look at each welding table and see whether they meet to criteria is being a welder’s boon or his/her bane.

Strong Hand Tools Nomad, Model-TS3020: Best Portable Welding Table

41rmP2ysOALThe Nomad Welding Table TS3020 is one of Strong Hand Tools’ best welding tables amongst several models. The TS3020 is made using thick 14 gauge stainless steel and is very lightweight for easy portability. The table features tilt adjust to allow for vertical and horizontal adjustment to varying degrees. The work surface of the table has dimensions of 30 inches of length and 30 inches of width.

The best part of the table is the presence of 3 slots on the surface, which allows for clamps to be placed at any location without hassles. The frame holding the surface is also made using rugged yet lightweight stainless steel and is coated in thick paint to hold up to the elements in well. It also folds to fit in narrow spaces when not in use, reducing clutter and enhancing usability. The frame is quite tall to allow for working without bending over it.

The table has generally good reviews from customers overall, and can be a perfect companion for DIY welders as well as pro welders. The table is pretty affordable and can be purchased online or from stores costing between $160-$200.

Editor Note: If you’re looking for a well built mobile welding table, you’re not going to find one much better than this. It’s a very popular model and easily able to stash out of the way.

Miller Electric ArcStation Workbench: Weekend Warrior Table

41jKES9gz7LThe ArcStation Workbench by Miller Electric is a foldable welding table, featuring stainless steel construction. The table surface has a thickness of 3/8″ and can be folded for easy portability. The ArcStation can also be tilted in various orientations for easier working in different spaces with different kinds of welds. The dimensions of the table are 29 inches, both by length as well as width.

The frame of the ArcStation Workbench also features a flexible yet lightweight frame. The frame is built using 1-½ inch diameter tubular stainless steel. It is painted blue to infuse a bit of style as well as protect the frame from everyday wear and tear. The table also features holes to allow for clamps to be placed.

The table is a bit pricey for DIY-ers, though standard for places which require heavy duty welding tables. The table can be purchased both online and in stores for around $280 to $350, depending upon location.

Editor Note: The DIY’ers welding table, and of the same quality that you’d traditionally expect from Miller Electric. It’s made of stainless steel

Strong Hand Tools Nomad, Model-TS3020FK: Budget Friendly Option

41KRWNDCQTLThe Nomad Welding Table TS3020FK is the other Strong Hand Tools’ branded welding table to feature in our review, and is one of the best welding tables available in the market today. Though being very similar to the Nomad TS3020 mentioned above, there are few notable differences between the TS3020FK and the TS3020. The biggest difference is the size, with the TS3020FK smaller and having dimensions of 20 inches length and 30 inches of width.

The table is also made of carbon steel and has thickness of 14 gauge. It can be tilted upto 30 degrees in any direction and can adjust from 26-32 inches in height. The table also features holes for securing clamps from any direction. Like the table, the frame also sports a carbon steel construction and is foldable for portability.

The Nomad TS3020FK is best suited for newbies and DIY welders, as it is small and light and is also affordable. The table can be purchased for around $140-$180 both online and in stores.

Editor Note: Don’t have a ton of money, but need a table that gets the job done? It’s cheap and works with both welding and plasma cutting.

Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint Table, Model-TBHK200: Best Heavy Duty Option 

41J8EHzY0sLLast but not the least, we have the Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint table, which has a lot of features but costs more than all the other tables mentioned here. The table is big, with dimensions of 36 inches of length and 24 inches of width. The steel used in the construction of the table is alloy steel, which is well known for its lightweight nature along with excellent durability. The thickness of the table is 4mm and the best part of the table is the presence of clamping holes every 2 square inches of the table, which makes it flexible to the n-th degree.

The frame is also made up of heavy duty alloy steel and is covered in black paint to protect against normal rough usage. The table can also be used standalone or with the included legs for greater adjustability. The reason for the higher cost of the table is due to the fact that it comes with an included clamping equipment along with a 24 piece component starter kit.

The table is suitable for professionals as well as those people who have heavy-duty welding applications. The Strong Hand Tools table can be bought both online and in stores for around $450 to $500.

Editor Note: This is the table that professionals want to own. Well built, large space to work, highly durable. A great fixture point welding table option.


The Important Welding Table Selection Guidelines

Through the above reviews, we can easily see the level of comfort offered by these welding tables compared to the normal flat surfaces we use for welding. They are designed after taking into account years of user experience, and all of the tables featured above have little features which add up to provide the best experience for the welder which in turn increases his/her productivity and decreases frustration and fatigue. Contrary to popular opinions, the tables are priced reasonably and while there are tables which cost big bucks, the tables mentioned here are done so specifically keeping in minds the average budget constraints of the welder as well as the owner. Therefore, there remains no rational reason to give these tables a miss and checking out these is recommended if you’re a welder, no matter a professional or an amateur one at that.

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