Best Jackson Welding Helmets of 2018

Welding is a useful yet a dangerous process and any laxity regarding safety during welding can result in a host of health issues for the welder ranging from serious to even fatal. Safety cannot be compromised by buying faulty products made by brands having no trust factor in the market.

One of the most well known names for welding protection equipment is The Jackson Safety Division which is a of Kimberly-Clark Professional group of companies. It is one of the pioneers in making safety equipment for many industrial sectors, including welding. They also have excellent build quality and customers who swear by its products too.

Top Jackson Welding Helmets

Jackson Balder BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The  Jackson Balder BH3 is an award-winning welding helmet having the best optical viewing quality of all helmets worldwide, only possible due to the application of cutting-edge Balder technology in its lens. The auto-dimming technology in unrivaled with excellent clarity and color recognition which provides its users a sharp and precise view of the metal they are welding. It also has variable shades ranging from 9-13 and this helmet never needs batteries and can recharge itself from the solar panels present on top of it.

The Jackson Balder BH3 also has a viewing area of 3.78×2.69 inches, making its users view the welds without lifting their helmets easily. It also comes with impact resistance, heat protection as well as ventilation channels for a comfortable experience over a long time, and the helmet can also be used for protection during torch welding.

The helmet is also CE certified and has passed several safety tests with ease.


Jackson Ace Of Spades NexGen Auto Dark Lens Welding Helmet

The Jackson Ace of Space NexGen is an auto-dimming helmet with a unique decal style to appeal to card-playing hard core welders. The helmet is extremely lightweight and provides superior comfort and protection, all under a package of under 6 ounces. The shell of the helmet is made of up premium HydraFlex material, which is flexible yet provides impact resistance and heat resistance. It also features variable shades ranging from 9-13 to provide superior clarity while working. It also has a large viewing area of around 9 square inches.

The helmet is powered by a beefy battery which provides up to 800 hours of working time. The helmet also has an auto shutoff feature which switches its dimmers automatically when no activity is detected for 20 minutes. The lenses also have full time UV/IR protection as well as a LCD with touch control buttons to adjust various parameters.

The helmet has also passed various certification tests and is also CE certified. It carries a 2 year warranty.

Jackson Arc Angel BOSS EQC Auto Dark Lens Welding Helmet

The Jackson Arc Angel BOSS is an auto-dimming helmet having a huge 13.2 square inches if viewing area, which is a whole 3 inches larger than other welding helmets. The shell is designed for comfort and  is extremely lightweight, catering to welders welding over a long period of time in uncomfortable situations. The HydraFlex body is flexible yet can brace heavy impacts and the Duralogic metallic paint job makes the helmet an ideal choice for the style conscious.

The helmet has variable shades ranging from 9-12 and is powered by AAA batteries ensuring wide compatibility. It also is 3-in-1 capable, meaning it can support weld, grind as well as cut mode, resulting is increased productivity and reusability and decreased costs. The helmet also has buttons for adjusting the sensitivity as well as delay of the tints.

The Jackson Arc Angel BOSS is also CE certified, along with a range of other certifications. The helmet has a 2 year warranty.

Jackson I2 Insight Lens Welding Helmet

The Jackson I2 Insight Lens helmet in an auto-dimming helmet with a 1/10000 second tint switching speed, to ensure continued protection of the eyes with variable weld intensities. It has a viewing area of 3.93×2.36 inches, which provides a big enough view of the weld the person is working on. It comes in a HydraFlex shell and has a stylish flame paint job too. It also features 9-13 variable shades and is powered by two lithium batteries.

The helmet can also be set in weld or grind mode to adapt to the different working needs of the user. It also has LED lit controls to change and cycle through different modes as well as set various parameters for the helmet. The Jackson I2 insight also features sensitivity and delay adjustments with a built-in magnification lens holder.

The helmet meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards and is CSA Z94.3 as well as CE compliant.

Jackson Black TrueSight II Lens Welding Helmet

The Jackson TrueSight II is powered by the Balder lens technology, which gives excellent clarity and true-to-life color reproduction. The helmet possesses an optical classification of 1/1/1/1, which leads to it offering the best view of weld puddle in the world. The lens also has a 3-in-1 mode, which allows it to be used effortlessly for weld, grind as well as for cut operations. The shell is lightweight yet durable providing comfort as well as impact protection.

The lens has a huge 13 square inches of viewing area and also features dual variable range from 5-8 as well as from 9-13. It also has an LCD with control buttons for setting the helmet according to usage and features delay as well as sensitivity adjustment options. The helmet also has an “Auto-ON” function which switches on the tint function of the helmet itself on detecting welding flashes.

The helmet meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 and is CE as well as CSA Z94.3 compliant.

Jackson Safety Background Information

Jackson Safety Division is making welding helmets since the last 75 years, so you can rest assured that they know their craft well. Their products are one of the most comfortable sold in the market currently, and they also makes different types of helmets for different head sizes, for different work uses as well as for different price points.

The company spends a lot of money on research and development of new technologies to increase comfort as well as reduce stress while using the helmets. Their products are also durable, rugged and reliable and have been proven to go on for almost forever.

Jackson’s helmets were the first in the market to feature auto-dimming technology. This technology auto-detects the welding intensity and adjusts the tint in the lenses appropriately, ensuring visual comfort as well as protection against toxic elements. So today we look at the best Jackson helmets for different welding applications.

The Jackson helmets we have for review up today are all the best in their range and feature the useful auto-dimming technology. In no particular order, they are as follows:

  • Jackson Balder BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  • Jackson Ace Of Spades NexGen Auto Dark Lens Welding Helmet
  • Jackson Arc Angel BOSS EQC Auto Dark Lens Welding Helmet
  • Jackson I2 Insight Lens Welding Helmet
  • Jackson Black TrueSight II Lens Welding Helmet

We will discuss briefly about each of the Welding helmets, along with its use case in detail below.

Why Purchase A Jackson Welding Helmet?

Jackson products strive to provide the balance between comfort and safety and implements their latest research technologies in their products to make their products unique as well as standards compliant. They understand the needs of the welding community well and they also reach out to their customers for continuous feedback to improve their products and make them more and more welder-friendly.

Their products are one of the best when it comes to safety and durability as well as cost effectiveness. Overall it can be said that one cannot go wrong buying Jackson products and the proof of this fact is the swathes of customers which buy, use and trust Jackson as well as recommend it to friends and family.

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