Best MIG Welders – Reviews & Buyers Guide

How to Select an MIG Welder

Anybody can go out and buy an MIG welder, but not anyone can buy a good MIG welder. This is because selecting an MIG welder can be a very confusing task. To help eliminate some of the confusion, I will discuss the important components of an MIG welder. I will also tell you what to consider when buying a welder and some of the best welders on the market today.

When selecting top rated MIG welders, there are five important factors to consider.

Input and Output Power

The amount of power that you require will be dependent on the type of project that you will be working on. If you plan on working on smaller, DIY, home-based projects, then I recommend that you select a 115V welder with an output of 140A. But, if you are planning on working with larger, more complex projects, then a 220V welder with an output of 180A would be better suited for your project.


Consider the amount of power that you would need on the thickness of the materials that you use. If you plan on welding material that is 1.0 mm thick, then I recommend that you select an MIG welder with a minimum of 30 amps. Go for less than 30 amps if you plan on working with thinner sheets. Or, go for more than 30 amps if you work with thicker sheets. Remember the thirty rule in this case.

Duty Cycle

If you plan on using your MIG welder for long periods during the course of a single day, then consider the duty cycle. A duty cycle at 20 percent would work non-stop for two consecutive minutes. Remember that by putting more power in the output, the duty cycle will be shorter.

Wire-Feed Speed

Every MIG welder works at a different wire-feed speed. Every different material requires a different wire-feed speed in order to ensure an accurate welding. This is why every MIG welder comes with various speeds in order to accommodate various materials.

Spool Gun

Spool guns are often used with aluminum materials. If you decide to go with a spool gun, then I recommend that you select one that has special features for better welding. One important feature on spool guns is the euro-connect. Now that you know five of the most important characteristics involved in choosing an MIG welder, I will now discuss some of the best MIG welders on the market.

MIG Welder Reviews

If you are a beginner to welding, then I suggest that you select the Lotos Mig 140. This welder is the best on the market for beginners because it has easy to use buttons and has enough power for a wide range of home-based DIY projects.

But if you are not new to welding but looking to use it for the home, then I suggest that you go with the Lincoln Easy Mig 140 with an input power of 120V. But if you plan on welding outside the home, then consider the Everlast Poweri-MIG 140E. This welder’s unique feature is its ability to invert power so that you can use it in remote sites where there might be a shortage of power.

If you are watching your budget, then I suggest that you choose the Lincoln Electric K2185-1. This extremely affordable welder is very powerful 115V tool with an output of 88A. When selecting any welder that fits your particular needs, then it is important to consider the following:

Function and advanced features

Get a welder that offers advanced features such as advance set-up and overload protection.

Size and weight

You will be carrying a welder around, so be sure to select one that you can carry easily. Be sure to test it in your arms before purchasing.

Additional parts

When buying a welder, you might want to buy extra parts to accessorize your welder. Consider buying a helmet and other safety equipment.

Price and warranty

Select a welder that fits your budget. Also, make sure that it has a warranty, so that you can protect your investment. Buying a MIG welder is a complex process. I hoped that I helped you introduce you to MIG welders, the different types of welders out there, and what to consider when purchasing one.

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