Best Portable Welding Screens, Curtains, and Blankets – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Do you work in a scenario that requires maximized optical protected? If so, A portable welding screen is a great piece of equipment to have on hand. They are extremely popular among both hobby and professional welders for their ability to provide protection in a high temperature environment, and also the ability to protects against weld sparks and splatter.

Welding curtains and screens function differently depending on what kind you purchase, some are hung over surfaces or other pieces of equipment that need to be protected, while others are just hung from the ceiling to frame in a working space.

Any person who considers themselves a welder will likely have multiple of these on hand. After all, protection is key in a strenuous job such as this.

Assembling a framed welding screen

Steiner 316-8×10 Velvet Shield: The Cheap option

61rxZJLqXeL._SL1200_The Steiner Velvet Shield is a very tough welding blanket designed to withstand high temperatures and the daily welding environment. It’s a cheap option that is only a pound,  and measures 8 feet by 10 feet long. And the most important part? It can withstand an environment and direct weld splatter of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit! Our recommended size is the 8 by 10 due to size and ability to provide coverage, however they do produce smaller sizes for other welding environments. It’s CFM approved and has been professionally stress tested in order to make sure it is reliable.

Editor Note: This is your basic non-fancy welders blanket. Useful for laying over things you don’t want splatter on.

Tillman 6042066 2 Panel Blue Vinyl: The fancy option

3192zTkbYIL-1We absolutely love that this curtain comes with a built in standing frame. It sets it apart from competitors and makes it extremely useful. Let’s say you are in a situation where you are welding a boat in a boatyard, you don’t want to get any splatter on neighboring boats. What do you do? Use this! The curtain is quite durable and provides a solid welding protection as you can see. Built to help disperse light, it will reduce shadows and other things that can make a welding job difficult. Flame retardant and CFM approved, this is a must have in any welders toolkit.

Editor Note: We really like that this curtain comes with a built in frame, however it also seems that that is a double edge sword as some users have mentioned it is not the most sturdy.

Tillman 599B Leather Welding Blanket: The tough option

51nm6whC1dLAnother Tillman welding product that we recommend, it’s leather and much tougher than a cloth blanket will be. Just like the cloth blankets, it protects sparks and spatter. It’s a great solution for situations ranging from heavy duty work to automotive to any kind of job where thin sheetmetal may be required.

A downside to this welding blank is that it doesn’t fold up as nicely as a cloth one does, so it takes up some space. It also does not have the built in grommets for hanging, however you could punch holes and add them yourself.

Editor Note: A good ole fashioned leather welding blanket. Designed to stand up to the test of time, extremely durable, and long lifetime. 


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