Lotos MIG140 Review

Lotos MIG140 Welder ReviewThe Lotos MIG140 if an extremely affordable mig welding machine for beginners, producing a power output of 30A – 140A and the ability to process a duty cycle of 20% at 90A is happily capable of welding at an industrial performance level. The perfect unit for beginners and DIY’ers alike, it’s extremely versatile and easy to store away in your garage or home shop.

Something not to forget about is that the Lotos MIG140 is also capable of handling flux-cored welding (something that many welding machines at this price range can’t do). Capable of welding multiple kinds of metals from 24 gauge to quarter inch thick sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum. It also comes with an additional optional spool gun.

What kind of projects should the MIG140 be used for?

  • DIY projects
  • Small home projects
  • Auto body workshops
  • Light professional applications
  • Anyone looking to become more familiar with welding

Special Features

  • Research against the market and other existing MIG welders on the market shows that this machine has multiple special features to make it more powerful for its money:
  • Thermal overload protection – used to protect the welders from overload and prevents the heating up due to overuse. It allows the lifespan of the tool to increase and increases durability during use.
  • Easy setup – designed to get this MIG welder working quickly.
  • Dual functionality for MIG and flux cored welding
  • Aluminum wire feeder – increased stability and convienece

Pro’s & Advantages of the Lotos MIG 140 Welding Machine

  • Simple and easy to use. Easy to setup. Minimal hassle
  • Very light weight, portable, and stable compared to other MIG welders on the market
  • Very affordable

Con’s & Disadvantages of the Lotos MIG 140 Welding Machine

  • Gas cylinder not included with this tool, it is an optional but separate cost
  • Not compatible with generators
  • Not as advanced features as top welders

Cost & Warranty Related Concerns

Lotos offers a 1 year warranty with this machine. It stipulates that if a defect is noticed with the machine that impacts its performance and materials, Lotos will personally repair the damages machine or simply replace it.

Lotos MIG140 Welder

Lotos MIG140 Welder



Professional Usage


DIYer Usage



  • Affordability
  • Multiple forms of welding
  • Flux Core


  • No generator attachment
  • Gas cylinder not included
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