Miller Dynasty 200 DX Review – Last Update 2018

The Miller Dynasty 200 DX is a quality made welder featuring Miller Electric’s exclusive advanced inverter technology with Auto Line tech.

Some consider the Dynasty 200 DX to be the most flexible welder with regards to AC/DC, TIG/Stick power supply. Its maximum voltage is around 460 volts and contains SquareWave Arc designed to increase the welding capabilities for aluminum and magnesium welds.

The “DX” represents a mode that allows for an air cooled fingertip controlled contractor kit. Meaning it offers pulsing capabilities, pulse frequency adjustments, a peak percentage time, and a variety of amperage, slope time, and control settings.

– Longer tungsten life due to a cleaning control setting
– AC frequency control range of 20 – 250 kHz
– Build in pulse minimize risk of overheating
– Automatic fan cooling system
– auto line power management makes power connections diverse

– User review online mention that Miller can sometimes be difficult to get ahold of if an issue arises.

Our Favorites About This Welder
– Top of the line TOG / Stick arc performance on a variety of voltages
– Easy to use design
– Circuit design makes add-on voltage reducers unnecessary
– Non-contact arc eliminates worry of Tungsten contamination

What Some Users Don’t Like
– A rear attached power switch can sometimes make it difficult to turn the welder on and off.

Miller Dynasty 200 DX

Miller Dynasty 200 DX



Professional Usage


DIYer Usage

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